A Holiday Gift and Advice for New Managers

During this holiday season, we find ourselves celebrating our team's accomplishments and ruminating on our path to this point in our career.  Following are a collection of tips that have promoted our success and helped when managing large, diverse and international teams. I apologize in advance for the number of sports references.

1.  Share Authority. You don’t have time to micromanage

2.  Trust and Verify. Focus on what’s important (e.g. the key risks)

3.  Hire for emotional intelligence and train for IQ. (e.g. “No A**hole Rule” by @work_matters)

4.  Eat with your Team, Customers or Suppliers. Treat them like family and you'll thank me later

5.  Lead from the Back.  Remember, "Leaders Eat Last" by @simonsinek

6.  Be a Player-Coach. Think LeBron James @KingJames

7.  Coach and Provide Feedback Privately

8.  Praise Publicly

9.  Learn from both Wins and Losses. Think Phil Jackson @PhilJackson11

10. Encourage New Experiences and Promote Relevant Input

11.  Communicate, Follow Up and Be Authentic

We wish you happiness and peace during the holiday season.  May you celebrate this special day in the company of the people you dearly love!