Welcome to the K Squared Blog

I’m pleased to announce that Ryan Kunzi and I launched the K Squared Fund, a private equity fund based in Denver’s Larimer Square. We built K2 to offer fellow entrepreneurs a way to transition their company to operators who know how to build a sustainable business. We aim to acquire an existing North American company with revenues between $10-75 million. Following the acquisition, Ryan and I will take a management role and focus on long-term growth. We have just begun our search for companies to acquire. If you know of business interested in selling, contact me directly. 

The past few months have been a whirlwind and we thought you might enjoy a brief glimpse into what we’ve been working on. We are honored to have the support of thirteen investors and ten teammates.  Our investors have invested in more than 150 businesses ranging between $2 million and $8.5 billion in revenue, and offer over 300 years of management experience. Our team now consists of ten exceptional professionals all who have gone above and beyond in the past months! We are proud of how quickly our team has come together. You can find additional information about our investors and team on our website and in future updates.

Thank You. Ryan and I are very lucky to have your support of many.  We would like to extend a special thank you to the folks below who have been nothing but supportive! 

Referrals. Deal flow is building, thanks to our Partners. Unfortunately, those below did not fit our investment criteria, and we decided to pass. If you'd like more information regarding any of these deals, please email referrals@k2fund.co.

  • Project Apple - Supply tools and construction equipment distributor
  • Project Tomato - U.S. fast casual Italian restaurant chain
  • Project Vulcan - Provider of forensic disability evaluations
  • Project Tangerine - Healthcare tech focused on physician performance and patient care
  • Project Giant - Aerial equipment rental company within the construction industry

Some final thoughts...

1. We anticipate a future market correction and potentially a recession looms as interest rates continue to rise. What sort of impact will this have on small business exit strategies?

2. Selling your company can be a wayward venture. K2 aims to ease the burden of the sale, and following are tips for owners considering selling

3. Protect yourself from the increasing number of ransomware attacks, like the one that hit the US this week. You have to wonder: when will we be able to insure ourselves against malware damages?!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of help! And, if you’re in the area, please visit!