2018 is starting off well for K Squared!

2018 is starting off with a quickened pace. In May, we will celebrate our one-year anniversary.  This milestone is a testament to our team and folks like you who are supporting our firm.  Thank you for all of your support!!

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Acknowledgments. David Walters of UMB Bank; Chris Leuth of Key Bank; Greg Matthews of Anacapa Partners, Vineet Asthana and Ryan Alder of Berkey Noyes. Thank you! 

What We Are Reading.

What Investment Risk Really Is by Larry Siegel, Gary P. Brinson Director of Research at the CFA Institute Research Foundation, one of our UChicago professors and advisor

Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! (Adventures of a Curious Character) by Richard Feynman

Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man’s Fight for Justice by Bill Browder (thank you Alexander Shapiro)

What We’re Listening To. Endless Thread by Ben Brock Johnson and Amory Sivertson. This is a podcast for Reddit connoisseurs, skeptics, and the rest of us

What We’re Watching. Highlights of the Eagles Super Bowl win and the 76ers playoff berth! 

What We Are Exploring. How the iPhones AR could transform advertising

Thoughts For Business Owners. There is continued demand for high-quality acquisitions in North America.  The approval of Trump Tax Act brings clarity to business taxes, eliminating the uncertainty that held many business owners from selling their company in 2017. Visit our blog post "Is the Trump Tax Plan Good for Small Business Well It Depends..." If you are contemplating the sale of your business or are interested in evaluating a growth through acquisition strategy, contact me for a free consultation.

Referrals. Following are a selection of anonymous opportunities that did not fit our criteria, but may suit another investor. We are not a broker-dealer, nor are we a Wholesaler  We do not receive compensation for referrals. Our aim is simply to help the same people who help K Squared. Email referrals@k2fund.co and we will connect you with the appropriate party. 

- Project Revel - Technology and information security consulting firm
- Project Elevation - Manufacturer of lifts, material handling, and safety products
- Project Custom - SaaS-based EMR, RCM, and PM provider that primarily serves the VA
- Project Titan - Short-line rail operator in the Southwest
- Project Garden State - Medical and sports rehabilitation in the Northeast
- Project Gambit - Non-emergency medical transportation in the Southwest
- Project Wolf - Medical supplier with a patented product seeking growth equity
- Project Storm - Pharmaceutical distributor that serves independent pharmacies
- Project Orion - Distributor of specialty semiconductor materials
- Project Broadband - Remote power-monitoring solutions for telecommunications  
- Project Family - In-home post-acute, rehabilitative care provider in the Northeast
- Project Morpheus - Provider of environmental and asset protection products for oil & gas
- Project Care - Provider of home therapy and external therapy medical equipment
- Project Neptune - Supply chain information technology integrator and consulting firm
- Project Mole - Horizontal directional drilling services in the Rockies
- Project Blue - Tech-enabled staffing agency for traveling nurses   
- Project Beam - Non-hazardous recycling for construction and agricultural material
- Project Tide - Engineering firm that designs conveyor and HVAC systems  
- Project Territory - HVAC and plumbing contractor with metal fabrication capabilities
- Project Flush - Commercial plumber specializing in water, natural and special gasses
- Project Preconstruction - Land preparation and site-excavation for construction projects
- Project Aquaman - Well-digging services for agricultural companies in the Southwest
- Project Wave - In-home healthcare provider focused on the elderly
- Project Bantam - Provider of concrete and construction services in the Northeast
- Project Maple - Tech-enabled purchasers of unsecured consumer receivables

Team Spotlight. Alexander Shapiro joined us in the summer, arriving from Tudor, Pickering, and Holt. Alex has honed his financial modeling skills, he has increased his ability to analyze complex business models, and his ability to deliver executive-level projects, which has made him one of our most valued team members. He is pursuing a Private Equity or Investment Banking role in Denver, Chicago, San Francisco or New York.  We are proud of Alex’s accomplishments and offer our full endorsement. 

Open Positions. We are accepting applications for School Year and Summer Internships.  Please direct any interested and qualified candidates to our Open Positions

Contact us should you have any questions or suggestions. Thank you for your continued support!

Jason Kania | General Partner | K Squared Fund

ABOUT K2. The K Squared Fund ("K2") is a private equity firm focused on making majority investments and acquisitions existing private, small to mid-market companies. Our passion is working alongside entrepreneurs to further their company's legacy and accelerate long-term growth. Following an acquisition, K2 partners with the existing owner by assuming an active management role and work through a sensible transaction and transition. Following an acquisition, we aim to leverage our experience and relationships as successful operators and fund managers to propel our investments into industry-leading businesses. We're centrally located in Denver, Colorado, but we invest in companies across North America.

Jason Kania and Ryan Kunzi are K2's General Partners ("GPs"). Together, Ryan and Jason have led and participated in deals amounting to over $28 billion, they have launched products that amount to over $500+ million in annual revenue and saved over $6 billion in expenses. K2's investors are privately-held financial services companies, family offices and high net worth individuals with 300+ years of management experience and 150+ businesses ranging between $2 million and $8.5 Billion in revenue. For more information, visit k2fund.co or our one-page Executive Summary.

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